Saturday, 8 October 2011

Grand Teton

Grand Teton
Hitting Jackson after two days, we were at the gateway to the twin national parks of Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Our strategy was to book nights at different entry points and so travel through the parks during the day on different routes. This worked very well. Other nights we stopped in Gardiner to the north and West Yellowstone.
Jackson is the most well heeled: shops with Swarovski and alligator handbags will give you an idea.
They all have a slightly Disneyfied self conscious wild west feel to them. Sarah told us to look out for the shoot out that occurs every Saturday at the Cowboy Saloon, but we gave it a miss...
It is very hard to write about this area without just spouting a load of travelogue superlatives. It really is as good as we hoped and in many ways better.
The Grand Teton range runs north of Jackson, presenting its jagged profile to the wide glacial valley, filled with meadows. This is a wonderful Alpine scene, with lots of black cattle, as well as deer and elk. The early morning views across the little lakes at the foot of the range are particularly good.

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